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Miranda's Development Page

During pregnancy
9th Jan 2006 Pregnancy test
3rd Feb 2006 1st visit to gynaecologist
24th Feb 2006 1st ultrasound
24th Feb 2006 Daddy suggests Miranda as girl's name
9th Apr 2006 1st time mummy felt movements
18th Apr 2006 Mummy fainted at the office because of me :-)
5th May 2006 2nd ultrasound
30th May 2006 Vacation in Budapest
5th Jun 2006 Vacation in Finland
15th Jul 2006 1st parental class
21st Jul 2006 Last ultrasound
28th Jul 2006 Name decided (Miranda if girl, Martin if boy)
24th Aug 2006 1st day of maternity leave
13th Sep 2006 To hospital for induction


During my 1st year
15th Sep 2006 (1 day old) Leaving hospital
19th Sep 2006 (5 days) 1st outing (supermarket)
22nd Sep 2006 (8 days) To San Anton Gardens
23rd Sep 2006 (9 days) Starting to use a dummy
30th Sep 2006 (2 weeks) 1st visit to a restaurant (Sliema)
3rd Oct 2006 (3 weeks) Meeting cousins Jonatan & Ronja
18th Oct 2006 (5 weeks) Sitting in the baby carrier
19th Oct 2006 (5 weeks) Bath in the big bath tub
21st Oct 2006 (5 weeks) Hike in the countryside (Mistra)
24th Oct 2006 (6 weeks) 6-week check up in Floriana
30th Oct 2006 (6 weeks) Lifts head and turns it from side to side
31st Oct 2006 (6 weeks) Pulling my own hair
3rd Nov 2006 (7 weeks) Big smiles :-)
5th Nov 2006 (7 weeks) Meeting grandfather Johan
7th Nov 2006 (8 weeks) Sucking my thumb
11th Nov 2006 (2 months) Baptism in Birkirkara Old Church
27th Nov 2006 (2.5 months) Sleeping in my own bed (travel cot)
28th Nov 2006 (2.5 months) Drinking from bottle (still breastfeeding)
15th Dec 2006 (3 months) 1st vaccination
26th Dec 2006 (3.5 months) 1st trip to Gozo
4th Jan 2007 (4 months) Blowing raspberries
28th Jan 2007 (4.5 months) Tasting solid food
2nd Feb 2007 (4.5 months) Moving things from one hand to the other
28th Feb 2007 (5.5 months) 1st time with babysitter-auntie Agnes
6th Mar 2007 (6 months) Rolling around!
14th Apr 2007 (7 months) First time on Comino
5th May 2007 (8 months) Sitting without support
2nd Jun 2007 (9 months) Using the walker
7th Jun 2007 (9 months) Making babbling sounds like 'ba ba ba' and 'eh eh'
30th Jun 2007 (9.5 months) Crawling (in my own way)
14th Jul 2007 (10 months) Shaking my head
25th Jul 2007 (10.5 months) Clapping hands
10th Aug 2007 (11 months) Trying the swings
11th Aug 2007 (11 months) Drinking from the bottle on my own
23rd Aug 2007 (11.5 months) Standing with support
26th Aug 2007 (11.5 months) Waving with my hand
30th Aug 2007 (11.5 months) Saying 'pa'
30th Aug 2007 (11.5 months) No more breastfeeding
31st Aug 2007 (11.5 months) 1st tooth
3rd Sep 2007 (1 year) 1st swim in the sea
12th Sep 2007 (1 year) Saying 'ma'
14th Sep 2007 (1 year) 1st birthday and first party for me!!!

During my second year (1-2yrs)
22nd Sep 2007 (1 year) Standing up without support
1st Oct 2007 (1 year) Throwing kisses
20th Oct 2007 (1 year 1 month) 1st night away from my mummy and daddy
27th Oct 2007 (1 year 1 month) 1st haircut
Nov 2007 (1 year 2 months) The first few steps
Nov 2007 (1 year 2 months) My first cold :-(
24th Dec 2007 (1 year 3 months) My first experience of Santa Claus, he was very nice and looked a lot like my dad!
Dec 2007 (1 year 3 months) Some words I am saying now: Mamma, Pappa, pupa, ejja
Dec 2007 (1 year 3 months) Walking on my own for the first time
Jan 2008 (1 year 4 months) Sounding like a tiger
3rd Feb 2008 (1 year 5 months) Today I was a cute bunny at the Carnival in Valletta
13th Feb 2008 (1 year 5 months) First time in the playgroup in Mosta
21st Feb 2008 (1 year 5 months) Sleeping in my own room in our Gozo flat
Apr 2008 (1 year 7 months) Ok - Thumbs up
Apr 2008 (1 year 7 months) My first casting for a TV advert for Nestle. I and some 20 babies were selected!
Jun 2008 (1 year 9 months) My worst experience - 3 weeks in hospital after suffering from sandfly fever.
Thanks God I have recovered from this serious disease.
Jul 2008 (1 year 10 months) My favorite toy: football
Jul 2008 (1 year 10 months) Likes to 'help' mummy in the kitchen
Aug 2008 (1 year 11 months) Getting my own room, beautifully painted and decorated by my parents

During my third year (2-3yrs)
Sep 2008 Starting to sleep in my own room
Sep 2008 Eating on my own with a fork
Dec 2008 Stopped using the dummy
Dec 2008 First experience of snow
Dec 2008 First Xmas in Finland
Mar 2009 Giving kisses to mummy and daddy on the cheek
Apr 2009 Met in person for the first time PrimeMinister Gonzi during
a launch of a book that my dad have written some stories about wild plants
Apr 2009 Using the toilet for the first time
Apr 2009 Counting to three and recognising several letters
Apr 2009 Putting two words together, for example: 'min gie'
May 2009 I am now a big sister to my baby brother Martyn
May 2009 Playing with the Maltese celebrity Lou Bondi in Marsalforn
Jun 2009 Stopped using nappy, except for sometimes at night
Jul 2009 I have started to sing, and composed my first song
called 'zii-zi zii-zi' (more or less meaning 'cuddle cuddle')
Aug 2009 3-4 word sentences

During my fourth year (3-4yrs)
Sep 2009 Learned how to jump !
1st Oct 2009 First day of school at Zebbug. (Thursday)
Nov 2009 I have become very good at building high towers with duplo and blocks,
and love to do this together with daddy
18th Dec 2009 My first concert - The Christmas concert at school.
I took part as an angel and sang 'Ninni la tibkix izjed' with my Kinder-1 friends.
Did a good job and danced a lot.
20 Dec 2009 Met and 'talked' for the second time with the Priminister of Malta during a baptism ceremony
28 Dec 2009 Like to cut shapes with my scissors and know how to make 20-pieces jigzaw puzzles
31 Dec 2009 Now I can count up easily to 10 and with some difficulty up to TWELVE.
7 Jan 2010 Back to school after Xmas break
4 Mar 2010 School photos
Apr 2010 I like to paint in colouring books
2 Apr 2010 Baking figolli on my own, I made a fish-shaped figolla
5 Apr 2010 Playmobil is my favourite toy at the moment
22 Apr 2010 Performed a dance called 'New York' with my class mates during the Prize Day at Zebbug school
29 Apr 2010 Performed the dance 'New York' at Gozo Children's Festival in Victoria
31 May 2010 School outing to Popeye Village
9 Jul 2010 Playing with second cousin Salma in Stockholm, Sweden
28 Jul 2010 Jumping from a jetty into the water by myself, at a beach in Bennas, Finland
2 Aug 2010 Visiting Ahtari Zoo in Finland
3 Aug 2010 Went on many rides at an amusement park in Tuuri, Finland
30 Aug 2010 Good at climbing at the playing field in Ta' Qali

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