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This is my photo collection during my 6 weeks holiday in Finland and Lithiania with my parents between 4th July and 11th August 2008. I have stayed mostly in three different places :- (1) the area in Finland were my Mamma used to live, that is Bennas, Jakobstad, Kokkola, Larsmo, etc. (2) We went to visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi for 3 days and it was really a nice, cool place. (3) Finally, we went to a marvelous place called Vilnius which is the capital city of Lithuania. Pappa said that he took over 1000 photos there!
Kisses from me, Miranda Mifsud - mwa X mwa X mwaaa X X X
Miranda in Bennas (mammas hometown, Finland)
Miranda in Rovaniemi (Finland)
Miranda in Vilnius (Lithuania)

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